A Family

That’s Graceland. And at the heart of every family is love. Our love for the Lord, and for each other brings us together, makes the good times sweeter, and helps us through the tough ones. For more information on any of these ministries, contact Pastor Jon Pearce at 812.944.6448 ext. 107.

At Graceland, you’ll find that being part of a family is a great feeling. There is comfort in knowing that you’re surrounded by people who love you and care for you. That’s what our Congregational Care ministries are all about. They are designed to minister to your needs at every stage of life.


Maybe it’s the birth of that new bundle of joy. Sometimes it’s a critical illness. Whatever the situation, a visit from someone in the Graceland family who cares for you can bring great comfort when you’re in the hospital. We make every effort to find out when our members are hospitalized, but you can help keep us informed by calling the church office at 812.944.6448 ext. 100.


This group of ladies is led by Gail Jennings and distributes prayer blankets to chronically or terminally ill individuals through the church and Hospice. To find out more about this ministry click here.


We want those members who are confined to home or in a facility such as a nursing home or assisted living home to feel like part of the Graceland family, too. We maintain regular contact with our homebound members through cards, phone calls, and personal visits.


This time of year’s loss of your loved one can be a heavy jolt. Is a loved one’s absence affecting the holidays? This remembrance is for you and yours. Come celebrate your loved one’s life during this emotionally heavy season. Tears, sharing, and focusing on your loved one’s memory provides healing!


Meeting the needs of families in financial crisis.

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Or, contact Pastor Jon Pearce for more information. 812.944.6448 ext. 107