What Are Your Next Steps?

Our Nursery is a wonderful nurturing environment for your little one to begin forming first impressions about church and God through music and play. The Nursery is open during both services.


A computerized security system provides safe procedures at drop-off and pick-up. Toys and surfaces are sanitized regularly to provide a clean and healthy environment for babies to enjoy.


From singing “Jesus Loves Me” to hearing Bible Stories, nursery volunteers are eager to love your baby into learning about God. The nursery is staffed with volunteers who have been screened via a national and statewide background check.


If your child needs you, you will be texted, or his or her number will be displayed on the worship screen.

Nursery Guildlines
  • Babies must be 6 weeks or older.

  • Computerized security name tags with matching check-in and check-out slips identify who is authorized to pick up the child.

  • Babies will not be released to older siblings who are 5th grade or younger.

  • Please label all personal items such as diaper bags, bottles, sippy cups and blankets to prevent mix-ups.

  • Diapers, wipes and a change of clothes are helpful items to pack.

  • Please no outside food or drink (with the exception of formula or breast milk). Older babies are offered Cheerios for snack.

  • Parents are to remain on the Graceland campus.

  • Older siblings are not permitted to stay in nursery rooms. The minimum age for volunteering in the nursery is 16.

  • Please adhere to the Wellness Policy: Do not check in a baby or child who has had fever, vomiting, croup, diarrhea, oozing and or pink eye(s), rashes or other similar conditions in the 24 hours prior to check in.

  • Volunteers will not administer medication.

Please direct any questions that you may to Nicole Toby, Early Childhood Director at 812.944.6448, ext 190.