Elementary Kids are Kindergarten through 5th Grade. K-2nd Grades get to experience Large Group at 9am, while 3rd-5th Grades experience Small Groups. At 10:30am the age groups switch, and the K-2nd Grades experience Small Groups while 3rd-5th Grades experience Large Group.


K–2nd Grade: Kids Worship
3rd–5th Grade: Small Group Teaching (meet in group rooms)


K–2nd Grade: Small Group Teaching (meet in group rooms)
3rd–5th Grade: Kids Worship


Kids will participate in 3 rotations. They will all start with Large Group where they will worship and hear a message from the Bible. Then they will move into a time of Recreation and Fun. They will end the night with Small Groups, where they will discuss our message and memorize Scripture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elementary kids are divided between Kindergarten–2nd and 3rd–5th Grades. Kindergarten–2nd Grade small group classes are age grouped. Boys and girls are together in their classes. 3rd–5th Graders are in gender groups by age.

At 9am Kindergarten through 2nd Graders worship together in the large group environment program. 3rd–5th Graders go to their small group classes. At 10:30am, the two groups flip-flop, with 3rd–5th Graders worshipping together in large group, and Kindergarten–2nd Grade going to their small groups. The large group and small group leaders are the same every week, so your child will enjoy getting to know their loving leader on a consistent basis.

There are Check-In Kiosks located in the Faith Factory Welcome Center. If you are a guest, please allow our friendly volunteers to assist you with registering and locating rooms. First time check-in takes a little longer, so please come a few minutes early.

We operate a well-baby program. For the protection of all the children in our ministry, we cannot accept a child with a runny nose, fresh cold (2 days or less), fever (24 hours), rash, persistent cough, diarrhea or any other signs of illness. For Conjunctivitis the wait is one full week. We request that you not place your child in the program while they are at risk of exposing other children. Thank you in advance for helping us keep our church a healthy place for all.

Each family is assigned a unique alpha numeric number which is printed on the Check-in tag. When that number appears on the bottom left corner of front screen in the Worship Center, please report to the Nursery Check In Counter to determine which of your children needs assistance. If you are in an adult small group, we will text message you.

Please inform the volunteer in your child’s room of any special concerns or conditions. As your child’s advocate, we ask that you communicate that information weekly to their teachers. Please verify that any allergies or alerts appear on your child’s Check-In Slip. For food allergies, please inquire about the snack for that day. Please put a fluorescent “ALERT” sticker on your child.

At Check-In you will be given a unique alphanumeric sticker along with your child’s Check-In sticker. At Checkout, present the alphanumeric sticker to the leader to pick up your child. A Team Leader or Greeter is present in the  hallway during all services, and a trained Security Team patrols the campus. Our adult Team Members undergo a background check.

Leaders often report that they never grew more than after they started serving Jesus. There are usually several ministry opportunities available. Please pray about serving first and then contact Children’s Ministry at 812.944.6448 ext. 102. Following a background check and personal interview, we will work with you to identify your ministry gifts and find a place to offer your ministry to the Lord.