This summer will be the sixth year that Graceland has sent a mission team to Chankú Wašté Ranch to run a week of Summer Camp for the children ages 4-18 who live on the reservation.

The purpose of our mission trip is to build relationships with the Native American children we will be serving by interacting with them and getting to know them individually. We will show love, give hope and be the hands and feet of Jesus. The day camp we provide for the week gives us the platform we need to reach them.

We are still in need of team members, prayer partners and financial supporters. To become part of our team, or support us with prayer or finances, please contact one of the team leaders below.

Team members have shared how beneficial this experience has been for them and their children. They have grown closer to God while depending on him to supply all their needs, spiritually and financially, before going to camp and after arriving there. The children realize how important it is to serve as missionaries, some going so far as to skip their church camp to serve on the mission trip instead. They have also realized that we have an unreached people group right here in America and understand how important missionary work truly is if all nations are going to hear the Gospel.

The full-time missionaries that live on the reservation and minister to the Native Americans all year are greatly encouraged by your support. They are seeing the native people come to accept Christ as their Savior. There have been more than 17 baptisms in the last two years. Parents are calling the missionaries when they need help because their children were well taken care of during summer camp. When they need food or wood or counseling, the missionaries can visit them at their homes and supply their physical needs. This provides an opportunity to build relationships and share the Gospel.

Trip Date

July 10 – 18, 2020

Trip Leader

Janel Kenney (

Sherry Witten (

Larry Leonard (