Growth Track - Discover What's Next

Growth Track is a weekly gathering that will serve as an on-ramp to our discipleship pathway. It will take place online weekly at 11:00am and is open to all.

Discover Graceland. In this session, attenders will hear about the wonderful heritage of GBC, and learn how they can join the vision and mission of Graceland. Week 1 takes place the first Sunday of every month.

Week 2 is called Discover Your Gifts. Here, we will help people identify the gifts given to them by God through His Spirit. Week 2 takes place the second Sunday of every month.

Week 3 will help you Discover Your Place. During this gathering, you will explore the opportunities at Graceland to connect with a group or serve on a ministry team. Week 3 takes place the third Sunday of every month.

Week 4 is entitled Discover Your Voice. This final step is to equip you to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those in your sphere of influence. Week 4 takes place the fourth Sunday of every month.

We look forward with great expectation to how God will use Growth Track to continue raising up disciple-makers here at Graceland Baptist Church!


If you have already gone through ‘Discovering Graceland’, or if you are a member at GBC, you have the option of beginning Growth Track at Week 2.

To register for the next Growth Track please fill out this simple form and we’ll be in contact with you!