Characteristics of an Elder

1 TIMOTHY 3:2-7

V.1 A Spirit-given heart for spiritual leadership

V.2 Above reproach (no sinful pattern or lifestyle)

Family life – Christ-centered marriage (a one-woman man) and parenting (children are well-managed – see verses 4-5).

Habits – Lives a temperate, self-controlled lifestyle

Lives a life worthy of respect

A heart for the lost and guests (not cliquish)

V.3 Temperance – Is not mastered by any habit that would dishonor Christ

Peacemaking (not argumentative)

Gentleness – Strength under control

Stewardship of life (minimum of a tither, not materialistic)

V.6 Spiritual maturity (not a baby Christian)

V.7 Solid reputation within community

TITUS 1:6-9

V.7 Not overbearing – Does not “bully” others with beliefs and opinions

Not quick-tempered – Maintains self-control in volatile situations

V.8 Loves what is good – When facing evil, chooses good options

Just or upright – integrity

Holy – different in a good way in Christian behavior


Defender and teacher of the Christian faith – 1 Timothy 3:2; Titus 1:9

Provide for the spiritual welfare of the sheep – 1 Peter 5:2; Acts 20:28

Godly example of servant leadership to the flock – 1 Peter 5:3

PrayerJames 5:14