Our Vision

The College Age season of life is when we transition from following our parents’ lead, to discovering and owning what we believe and stand for. Without grounded roots, it’s easy to wander, and find yourself somewhere you didn’t intend to be. Our heart for SHIP is to come alongside College Age adults in this season of life and make it one of Transformation. We do this as we GATHER around the Gospel, GROW in the Gospel, and GO because of the Gospel.

Details, Times & Location

SHIP is a community for College Age adults, from ages 18-25 years old, that meets in Home Groups on a weekly basis at various times and locations. Our three Home Groups, their leaders and the times they meet are listed below. In addition to this, on the 3rd Sunday of each month, we’ll come together for a Large Group gathering. This will be in the Axis found in the Family Life Center at Graceland’s New Albany Campus.

We also have a College Age Group that meets on Sunday mornings during the 10:30am service in Room 302 of the Family Life Center.

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Home Groups - Leaders and Locations

Want to join a Home Group? Please call, text or email Isak Morehous at 812-725-5807.

Home Groups are back on February 10, 2019.

To get connected in a Home Group, or if you have questions, please call, text or email Isak Morehous at 812.725.5807. 


Leaders: Isak Morehous & Amy Austin

Sundays at 6pm 

CLARK Home Group

Leaders: Zack Sanders & Kye Jenkins

Sundays at 7pm 

RILEY Home Group

Leaders: Larry & Elizabeth Riley

Sundays at 7pm 

Upcoming event - superb owl party

Who else is excited about the big game on February 3? Thanks to the league, we can’t officially call this a…uh…well, you know a <insert name of the biggest football game of the year> Party, but we can call it a Superb Owl Party. Come on out and join us at Morehous Manor as we hang out, eat delicious food and watch the game. If you don’t care about sports, then just come to hang out, maybe play board games and eat food! We hope to see you there at 6pm

For directions, more information, or if you have questions, please call, text or email Isak Morehous at 812.725.5807.