What Are Your Next Steps?

Serving our community and our church is much needed. We challenge you to become an everyday servant. Simply become aware of the needs of those not only in your circle of influence, but also those you come in contact with in your daily travels (your trade routes). If you can, meet the immediate need!

If we all begin to do this, our community will become a better place.

everyday ideas
  • Pray about where God is leading you to serve, and then obey.

  • Take cookies to a family moving into your neighborhood.

  • Invite a neighbor/friend/co-worker to an event and go together.

  • Go walking with your neighbor.

  • Follow up with a phone call to see how your friend/neighbor is doing.

  • Contact an organization for volunteer opportunities and serve.

  • Mow your neighbor’s lawn.

  • Coordinate a Block Watch.

  • Adopt a street.

  • Visit a shut-in.

  • Send encouraging notes.

  • Hold the door open.

  • Shovel a neighbor’s driveway.

  • Organize a fund-raiser for a person with an emergency medical need.

  • Return a shopping cart to the store.

  • Coordinate a beautification group for an inner-city playground.

  • Pick up the trash in your local neighborhood.

  • Take a “thank you” goodie basket to your neighborhood fire and police department.

  • Adopt a block in your neighborhood to beautify and provide upkeep.

  • Take flowers to a neighborhood senior living at home.

  • Wash cars for free.

  • Write prayer notes and give them to your neighbors.

  • Call local schools and ask how you can help.

  • Offer to help clean or do chores at neighborhood businesses.

  • Offer to do spring planting at your subdivision’s entrance.

  • Take dinner to a homebound person; don’t forget treats for their pets.

  • Adopt a fund-raiser (i.e. Cancer Society, Leukemia, Breast Cancer awareness, etc.).

  • Connect with a single mom and give her a “mom’s day” by watching her kids.

  • Connect with a foster parent to provide a respite night for the family.

  • Take on a local park cleanup project.

  • Adopt a grandparent in a nursing home near you.

  • Do a prayer walk for your neighborhood.

  • Participate in a blood drive.

  • Serve a coworker by being an encourager. Take them to lunch or offer to pray for them.

  • Organize a block party to get to know families around your home.

  • Send notes of encouragement to the staff at your child’s school.