Almost 10 years ago, God began a relationship that spans 2 countries and is united by the love of Jesus. In June, that relationship will have another layer of love built into it as a team from Graceland and the church in San Marc, Dominican Republic, work together to bless the community in the name of Jesus. We will provide a mobile medical clinic, help physically and spiritually feed children in the nutrition center, spur on the pastor with encouragement through preaching and teaching and will go into the community to help with simple work projects like painting or minor construction projects.

Here are a few testimonies from past participants. Prayerfully ask God if He is preparing your heart to become a difference maker just like Amanda, Mike and David.

As a participant, I saw how God could use us to bless others and show His love to people in simple ways. I will never forget a little boy named Jose who came to the medical clinic. I gave him a hug and talked with him and his smile was so huge and sweet. He told me how his tonsils hurt and we were able to help him. I know our interaction made him feel special and loved. I really can’t put into words to express how memorable these couple of minutes were.

It was amazing to see how God matched up what we had to offer and the needs of the people we were serving. We met a lady who walked around selling peanut brittle for her livelihood. Her feet were badly cracked and painful. Another team member worked at Pacers & Racers and the store had donated tennis shoes for us to give away. What made it even more special was that the lady who came to the medical clinic was probably an outcast. (Don’t know the nicest way to put it.) She was Haitian and didn’t speak the language that everyone around her spoke. I know she needed the extra love and encouragement that God lined up for us to give her.

We haven’t been able to go on a trip for a few years, but we’ve been giving and praying for other trips. It’s great to know that even though we can’t go, we’re still a part of what God is doing on these trips. I will prayerfully and financially support that trip. – Amanda Frost

When I traveled to the Dominican Republic for a mission trip, deep down there was a part of me that expected to see miracles and a sort of Book of Acts type moving of the Holy Spirit. And while I didn’t see anything like that, what I did see I believe was just as powerful. I saw a group of people who stepped out of their comfort zone in obedience to Jesus Christ and became the hands and feet of God. That is the church. That is the Gospel of Jesus Christ in action. And it was the power of the Holy Spirit, the same one we see in Acts, moving in the hearts and minds of God’s people. – Mike Schoonover

As always we went to bless the people of the DR at the San Marcos church. They blessed me by being at any meeting every time the doors to the church were open. My favorite day was the day we ran out of chairs for the adults and all the kids were on the floor at the front. At home we call it a packed house,but in San Marcos it was bursting at the seams and the electricity was off. -David Allison