Graceland is a church whose dream is to transform lives...

Have you ever wished you could be a part of something bigger than yourself? Something that not only benefits you and your family, but also gives you the chance to get outside of your own little world – to not only impact others, but leave a lasting impact on them that might even outlive you. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? That’s certainly what we’re dreaming about here at Graceland!

We believe the whole reason God put us here, in this community, at this time, is to see lives transformed through Jesus Christ. We are passionate about our neighbors, the next generation, and those all across the nations, knowing that they don’t have to just settle for what they see, but they can experience SO MUCH MORE!

We are convinced that experiencing an awesome, fruitful, others-centered life is first rooted in Jesus Christ. This is why, each week, we gather around the Gospel. Without Him, we are unable to see the dream realized!

In order to go deeper and find challenge so that we and our families can become more like Jesus, we grow together in on-and-off-campus groups on a weekly basis. These are our opportunities to make church small and to build lasting friendships and relationships centered on sharpening one another. We have groups of literally all ages that meet together throughout the week.

Finally, we know that to grow in head knowledge but never do anything about it would be useless. We would not be fulfilling the mission God has given us on this earth if we did not put His agenda into practice. That is why we go. Our dream is to be a people who go often and go anywhere God has called us. We want to be the people called to love the unlovable. We want to be the ones who go to the ends of the earth to share Jesus. We want to be known by our community as a church who loves them, and loves them well. Sometimes it’s not easy, sometimes it’s messy; sometimes it’s unbelievable!

God is so amazing, and we want so badly for everyone to know it. Do you want to join us on this journey?

Pastor Ray Green

Next Steps

We want to help you in taking your next step in your relationship with Jesus. Whether you are checking out the claims of Jesus and what it means to be a Christian, or you have just become a Christ follower, we want to help you take your next step here.

Church Campus Maps

If you don’t know where to go or just want to explore then click here to view maps of all the buildings on campus.


SUNDAYS at 9am and 10:30am


SUNDAYS at 10:30am